Driver Registration

All drivers wishing to compete in the 2019 season must complete this form. This should be done prior to attending the event.

Driver Agreement 2019 Release and Indemnity I the undersigned wish to run my vehicle on the track that is set up by Fueltopia Ltd in consideration for the sign on fee. I am familiar with the motorsport in question and I fully understand and accept the dangers and risks involved. I also accept that I am obliged to obey any and all instructions given to me by any official, and that at no time am I to venture onto the track unless accompanied by or under supervision of a track representative. I declare that my vehicle is safe and in a fit and proper condition for use. I will notify Fueltopia of any changes I make to my vehicle that may effect my first technical check. I am in good health and my eyesight is up to the required standard for a road driving test and a high speed run on a race track. I am not suffering from any medical or physical condition (temporary or permanent) which is likely to adversely affect my ability to control the vehicle or which might make it unsafe for me to drive. I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances. I will make Fueltopia aware of any changes to the information in this document before participating in an event. I AM AWARE THAT MY VEHICLE IS NOT INSURED FOR TAKING PART IN THE RUN ON THE FUELTOPIA LTD TRACK I declare that I have read the full rules and understand the terms of competing in Fueltopia events. I am aware that disregard of the rules or unreasonable behaviour may result in warnings, deduction of championship points or exclusion from a race day or series