Media Application

Please complete this form for your 2019 media pass
Season applications should be submitted by Sunday 24th February
IMPORTANT: please read the sections below carefully before completing this application form. Forms not fully completed will be disregarded. Please note that the completion and submission of this form does not guarantee the granting of a media pass. All journalists and industry press are welcome to attend the event free of charge as long as they satisfy the terms of our press policy. Applicants who fail to meet the conditions may be charged the relevant admission rate to attend. A selection of images from the event must be sent direct to Fueltopia ltd. 2018 SEASON MEDIA PASS INDEMNITY I declare that I am over 18 years of age and am not suffering from any mental or physical disability, which would impair my judgment or prevent me from acting in a safe manner or impair my mobility and agree to act, at all times, in accordance with the instructions of officials of the events for which this pass is valid. I will inform the company immediately should any change in my condition occur which I have reason or ought to have reason to believe would affect my ability to carry out my duties. I acknowledge that I understand the nature and type of competition and that in undertaking my duties I may be exposed to potential risk inherent in motorsport and will undertake my function with its associated risks with due and proper regard for my safety and that of others. I understand that all persons having any connection with the promotion and/or organization and/or conduct of the events for which this pass is valid are insured against loss or injury through negligence. In consideration of the championship owners, organizers, promoters, sponsors, associated bodies and all connected permitting me to have access to certain restricted areas outside of permitted enclosures for the purpose of photography. I hereby agree, acknowledge and undertake: 1. I accept that motorsport may involve the risk of injury or death and that this risk is greater in the restricted areas to which I may have access. 2. I accept these risks and will ensure that at all times I will have due regard for my own safety. 3. I will familiarize myself with the track, its layout and features before commencing my activities and will satisfy myself that the areas to which I wish to have access are available and suitable for my purpose. I will adhere to the restricted photographer’s area. 4. Neither Fueltopia ltd nor any other Relevant Person shall be liable for any loss, damage, claims, costs, expenses, injury or demands suffered directly or indirectly by any Accredited Person (or their employer, if applicable) as a consequence of the attendance at the Event of such Accredited Person. Nothing in this form shall exclude any Relevant Person’s liability for personal injury or death caused by its negligence or for fraud. 5. I acknowledge that Fueltopia ltd has the absolute right to remove me from the venue and/or to remove my pass. I hereby agree to abide by the MSA Child Protection Policy and Guidelines.

FUELTOPIA LTD PRESS CODES OF PRACTICE. 1. Photographers must sign on at the registration desk prior to each events track action starting. 2. A Media Vest is necessary to enter the Restricted Photographers Area. They MUST be worn and easily visible at all times and are not transferable. Only photographers, film crew and authorized officials are allowed in these areas. Non-photographic journalists will not be permitted access. 3. The Photo Area is located inside the fenced area, you are permitted to stand alongside the track, at your own risk on either side of the track. Photographers are not permitted on the track at any point. Special permission is required to go elsewhere on track, contact RACE CONTROL. 4. For safety and appearance, dress code is smart but casual. No open toe shoes. Shirts must cover the shoulders. Reasonable length shorts may be worn. Ear protection is highly recommended. Smoking and alcohol is not permitted trackside. 5. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT! You have a duty of care not only to yourself but others as well. Be aware of your surroundings and environment at all times! Obey instructions from officials and under no circumstance hinder or interfere with race operations. 6. Photographers whilst on site and carrying out assignments are expected to be using professional equipment and to conduct them-selves in a professional manner at all times. 7. Photographers must submit a minimum of 10 shots from the event within a 3-week period. All photos shared from Fueltopia Ltd events must show the appropriate championship watermark. The watermarks will be sent upon receipt of this form. The shots must be sent to and failure to do so will result in the media form being revoked for the next events in the year. 8. Violation of any part of the entry agreements to Fueltopia Ltd and Press Codes of Practice will result in immediate revocation of all privileges.