All entrants will be issued with a unique Fueltopia race number. This number is transferable from year upon year and will be revoked after a full season of no attendance.

Drivers race numbers must be displayed clearly on rear of the car - Vinyl decals will be provided upon registration


All entrants will be provided with sun strips upon registration - These must be fixed to the top of the windscreen (if fitted) for the driver to be eligible to accumulate points for the championship.
Replacement sun strips are £5 each after the initial one is supplied free of charge.


AWD - all wheel drive
RWD - rear wheel drive
FWD - front wheel drive
U1 - kit car/purpose built such as Caterhams, etc.


These will be offered to all drivers and are mandatory for all drivers to add them to the car for the race day - sponsors help support the series.


All chassis must be from a major manufacturer.

All chassis are not required to be street-legal.

All entrants are down to the acceptance of the chief marshal and will be discussed in drivers briefing.

Chassis modifications are allowed.


Suspension modifications are allowed.


Bodykits and body modifications are allowed. However, aero fins or protruding bodywork will be examined in your technical checks on an individual basis. Cars must run front bumpers, bonnets and maintain a professional and clean look.


All cars must have adequate braking system as OEM. Upgrading to hydraulic handbrake is strongly recommended.


Competitors are permitted to use all E-Marked tyres. Tyres that are showing threads, starting to de-laminate, have visible missing chunks or deemed unsafe by staff will not be tolerated.


Open modifications to engines are accepted. Oil leaks and leakage from coolant are not accepted. All teams must make sure engine bays are maintained. Oil breather catch tanks mandatory for open breather system.

Any mixed fuel powered cars i.e methanol/petrol mix must be identified to scruitneering staff and carry a 70mm diameter orange circular sticker adjacent to the race number. There must also be a suitable fire extinguisher in the team pits during refueling.

Any fuel system components in the passenger area of the vehicle i.e. fuel tank/pump/swirl pot must be separated by a sealed bulkhead.


Electrical cut off switches are strongly encouraged.


Aftermarket bucket seats are strongly encouraged. OEM seats must be in road legal condition.


Drivers must have windows fully closed on the track or in the absence of windows a drivers net must be fixed in place.


Ballast location inside the vehicle to alter the weight distribution is free.
The ballast should be mechanically secured to the vehicle and be painted yellow and visible to car checks.


The use of visible tow hooks is strongly recommended


Rear brake lights must be operational (mandatory)


All batteries must be fully secure and battery terminals must be covered.


Performance exhausts are allowed. Modifications to the exhaust system are allowed. Some tracks might require a 95Db limit. Fueltopia will do all it can to notify drivers on noise restricted tracks.


Open top cars or soft tops must run a safety hoop or roof shell.


Not mandatory - but encouraged if possible.


Your car will be checked over the first time you register at an event and your 2019 Championship Log Book will be filled in making sure you comply with the following regulations.
There will be checks at the start of each event throughout the year to ensure your vehicle is eligible to compete.
Any changes made to the vehicle must be notified to staff for it to be thoroughly re-checked.

All drivers & cars must be signed off by the Fueltopia safety marshal - mandatory with no exceptions.

All vehicles must comply with the following:

1) Seat belt of harness in good condition
2) Windscreen clean and safe
3) Battery secure and terminals covered
4) Boot seats and footwells empty
5) Rear brake lights working
6) Tyres E marked, properly inflated with no splits
7) Ballast coloured yellow and secure
8) No fluid leaks of any kind
9) All body panels secure and presentable
10) Properly secured wheels no alloy nuts or bolts
11) Mixed fuel orange sticker
12) Firewall for fuel system if required
13) Fire extinguisher in vehicle



Full length clothing must be worn while racing - no t-shirts or shorts- nylon is not permitted. A race suit is recommended

Race helmets are MANDATORY

Drivers/teams are encouraged to socially engage with Fueltopia.


Teams & drivers must make every effort to look presentable in the pits. Race suits are encouraged to be worn by all. Despite being a grassroots motorsport, we'd encourage those who come as teams to have some type of uniform i.e matching t-shirts in team colours print. Clean and tidy.

Likewise teams will be asked to make sure that competing cars are clean and presentable for the day. Also before the battle rounds Fueltopia will require all cars to be re-freshed and cleaned if required.

A professional appearance of crew and car will only help elevate our sport. This helps raise its profile and will open opportunity for extended media, venues.


Any un-sportsman-like conduct, unnecessary, reckless and/or unsafe driving of any kind, in and /or around the pit lane, staging lane, run-off, will automatically result in a disqualification. Unacceptable behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.
This includes comments etc on social media.


Drivers and teams are strongly encouraged to use our hashtags and full event names within social media posts. E.g. Formula G Championship #formulag on Facebook or @formula.g on Instagram

All team media applications must be made to race control at least 7 days before the event. PLI is required and must be provided on application. Without this trackside access will not be granted. All photos taken at our event must be inclusive our watermark logo. This will be sent to media teams on application acceptance.

All members of a drivers crew must follow all the rules and follow professional conduct. Failure to do so will be the drivers responsibility.


Any consumption, and/or use of drugs, narcotics and/or alcohol prior or during an Fueltopia event will result in an automatic disqualification.


Each team will be directed to their own pit space by Fueltopia staff. If you have a specific need or are bringing large support vehicles, please make Fueltopia admin aware before each event.

Teams are strongly advised to bring an ezy-up cover (4x4m) to park cars underneath

Ground sheets or flooring is mandatory for any works to take place on cars in the pits.

Each racer must have a fire extinguisher in the vehicle, spares are encouraged for the pit area as well as spill kits.

Teams are strongly encouraged to bring a professional look and feel to their area tidy, tools neatly away, tyres stacked

All used tyres must be taken away, any left tyres will result in a fine


All drivers must sign on at the dedicated sign on area. This is indicated with signage or under direction of the Fueltopia staff.

Each driver MUST supply a European driving licence to enter - no exceptions will be taken on racedays unless with prior written agreement with Fueltopia Ltd.
Special terms need to be adhered to for underage or non licencensed drivers. Contact must be made in advance to

Drivers will be issued with a 2019 Championship Log Book in which you will need to complete your driver and vehicle details.
The Championship Log Book must be presented at registration of every event along with your driving licence.
No log book at registration will result in a £10 fine and at which time Fueltopia will provide a new book and a full first inspection will be undertaken again before you can compete.

All drivers must complete the 2019 Championship registration form at every event.

Driver registration is for one car per class.
To enter more than one car or drive will require additional sign on process and fee.

Drivers can car share with one other driver but this must be declared at registration.


A mandatory drivers briefing will be held ahead of open track at Fueltopia events. All drivers must check schedules at race control.

Any driver that does not attend drivers briefing will not be permitted to attend practice and/or compete.


Fueltopia will allow an open practice session at the start of each day.


Each driver has 4 qualifying runs within the nominated time.
2 runs must be taken on left lane and 2 runs must be taken on right lane.
The fastest time of the 4 qualifying will be placed into the leaderboard. Only the fastest top 16 will progress.


Each driver will take on both sides of the track.
The time from each side will be added together and the fastest overall will proceed to the next round.

The top 16 drivers will be selected to battle from qualifying session

Battles will be on top 16 table, example 1 Vs. 16, 2 Vs. 15, etc.

Each class of drive will have its own battles (RWD/FWD/AWD/U1).

Once the races are called they cannot be altered or drivers may not switch.

In battles the 5 minute rule will apply. This can only be called once per event and will result in a 5 point deduction. The rule can only be called at the start of the battle, not between runs. The race manager can over rule this if there is a health and safety issue.
If a driver cannot make it to the start line within a reasonable time (10 seconds) once their competitor is already lined up due to an issue with their vehicle the start marshall will call a 5 minute timeout in their absence. The competitor may make repairs but must be back ready to start within the 5 minutes.
The 5 minutes start when the car reaches the pit area and wheels must be on the ground with the driver proceeding to the start line at the end of the 5 minutes.
This must be called with the Event or Race manager who will be responsible for timing it.


The race tree will indicate a jump start and this will result in a DNF.


Hitting an obstacle, a visible movement will result in a 2 second penalty to be added to the completed time.


All drivers must follow the course map supplied on the day.

Failure to do so will result in a DNF.

Leaving the racing lane will result in a DNF.


A Formula G track will be provided to drivers who pre registered prior to event day, all other drivers will receive a track map at registration.
Each side of the track will be laid out in a mirror of the other with obstacles set at pre determined distances from each other.


At the end of the track drivers will be told which lane must give way.

Cutting across a race lane will result in a DNF it will also be subject to a 3 strike rule. If a driver gets 3 strikes their racing day will end, with no refund or reimbursement.

Cutting across the run-off will also result in a 3 strike warning system.

Donuts at the end of the track or re-entry in reverse flow of traffic will not be tolerated.


Formula G timing and results will be provided by Portatree Systems LTD.

Timing results will be supplied via the ICARIS Race Solutions system.


The staging lane is considered hot and only 1 crew member will be allowed to attend the car.

No static/rolling burnouts or tyre warming may happen in staging lane or start line.

5mph speed limit


Championship points are awarded as follows -

Qualifying Points
Knockout Points



Each class RWD/AWD/FWD/U1 will compete in separate top 16 finals.

All podium winners will be awarded with a trophy and championship points.


All teams and drivers must be on hand to talk to invited and guest media.


For any additional information then please contact race admin